Need to find an accountant? Look no further, RMS Accounting can provide you with a full range of tax services, including; tax filing, tax planning, tax preparation and tax representation. 

RMS Accounting’s unique tax interview system helps our tax accountants make sure you get every deduction the law allows.  By getting to know you and your tax situation our tax accountant can lower your taxes, increasing your tax refund or lowering your tax bill.  IRS tax preparation is about more than just putting numbers on a tax form.

The tax accountants at RMS Accounting are enrolled to practice before the IRS. They have over 25 year of experience helping tax payers like you with tax filing, tax refunds, and tax problems. The tax accountants at RMS Accounting can even represent you before all levels of the IRS or other state taxing agencies should your return be audited.  

Tax filing should not be a mystery so before getting started an RMS Accounting tax accountant will answer all your questions and review your situation with you. Then they will provide you with a FREE fee quotation. You will of course be under no obligation. Best of all should you decide to have us handle your tax filing the fee we quoted is the fee you pay.

When you need tax services our professionals are here to help you. We can get unfiled tax returns filed. We handle all IRS tax preparation and all state tax returns. We offer more than just tax filing, you also get access to our tax experts on a year round basis. When you hire us for IRS tax preparation, you know you’re going to pay the lowest tax allowed by law.

So if you need to find an accountant just give us a call at 800-382-1040. Our offices are open year round and our tax accountants are happy to assist you.