One of our tax professionals will review your business and personal income tax situation with you. Then our tax professional will work with you to make sure you pay the lowest income tax allowed by law. Our corporate tax preparation service includes tax planning as well. In addition to getting your corporate tax preparation right and completed the first time, our tax professional will also assist you with tax planning to help you reduce next year’s business taxes as well.

The tax professionals at RMS Accounting are here year round to answer your questions and help you with all your business and corporate tax preparation needs. There are no surprises with us, one of our tax preparers will sit down with you and review your information with you, explain what needs to be done and provide you with a written fee quotation. Best of all, the fee we quote is the fee you pay, there are no surprises when you pick up your completed return.

Anyone can put numbers on a tax form. Only the tax professionals at RMS Accounting can help you uncover every deduction the law allows.  At RMS we double check every income tax return. When RMS Accounting prepares your income tax return you can rest assured you are not paying one penny more in tax than is absolutely required.

We stand behind the income tax returns we prepare.  No one wants to be audited, but should it happen you can rest easy because our tax professionals are enrolled to practice before the IRS and they will represent you and your income tax return as filed free of charge. No other tax preparer offers this kind of protection.

Have a question once your return is complete? Our tax professionals are here to answer your income tax questions year round. Once we prepare your income tax return you will receive FREE year round tax help from our tax professionals and tax accountants. At RMS there is never a charge for responding to an IRS notice or answering a client’s tax questions. In fact all RMS Accounting clients receive a FREE year end tax planning consultation.

Call us today at 800-382-1040 for a FREE no obligation consultation.