TAX LOOP HOLE – A tax provision created to offset real or perceived costs and to encourage taxpayers to act in a certain way.  Examples:  1) Bonus Depreciation was added to the tax code to get businesses to invest in new capital equipment, by purchasing new equipment, there by encouraging the manufactures of said equipment to hire additional workers to meet demand. 2) Oil depletion introduced to encourage oil companies to increase production by reducing the benefit or leaving petroleum resources untapped increasing future value. 3) Accelerated depreciation of private jets, encourages the purchase of said jets which creates manufacturing jobs and the use of such jets which require the hiring of mechanics, pilots, and servicing firms.  These so called Loop Holes were put in place by congress for a reason and although some may no longer be necessary that is no reason to demonize businesses and individuals for doing what the government asked them to do by putting these incentives in place.