Click the scam alert to hear the actual message one of these crooks left on the cell phone of one of our employees. Protect your self never give out personal information, bank information of credit card information to someone that calls you out of the blue.

Yesterday one of my clients stopped by and was frantic because he received a message that the IRS called and that if he did not return the call and make a payment of $5,000.00 today they were going to send the police. They left a phone number with a family member and told them that if they did not hear from him, they would send the local police to arrest him. Now this client owes no taxes, has received no notices and was smart enough to come see me before making any calls or sending any payments. The call was a total scam from someone trying to get his bank information or have him send money. A few things you should know about the IRS: They don’t use the police to collect taxes. You will always get notices in writing with plenty of time to respond if you owe money. You can always check the identity of an IRS employee by calling the IRS at 800-829-1040 so don’t trust the phone number someone claiming to be from the IRS leaves for you without checking them out first. Don’t fall victim to this scam that is being used to steal identities and money by thieves.