It has happened again; I got a call from someone that wanted to know if we could get their S-Corporate return done by Monday, as the “person I have been working with just stopped returning my calls and emails.”  When I asked if they went by the person’s office to ask what was going on, they said: “as far as I know they, don’t have an office, and the only time I met them it was at Denny’s.”

It’s never a good idea to do business with an accountant, or any other business, that does not have or will not tell you where their business office is located. This sounds like another case of somebody doing accounting and tax work while they are looking for a job, and leaving their clients high and dry when that job comes along.

This “cheap” tax return is now going to cost a lot more – as it’s a rush job, that is, IF we can get all the information, and complete it by close of business on Monday.

Don’t be fooled into using an accountant that has no office so he comes to you and works out of his home or a PO box, in the end, cheap services always end up costing more than using a true professional.