In a recent revenue ruling, the IRS presented two situations in which a taxpayer used funds from a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan to pay eligible expenses. In the first situation, the taxpayer applied for forgiveness of the loan in November 2020, but did not receive a decision from the lender before the end of 2020. In the second situation, the taxpayer did not apply for forgiveness of the loan before the end of 2020, but expects to in 2021. Both taxpayers satisfied all requirements under the CARES Act for forgiveness of the loans. The IRS ruled that a PPP loan recipient that paid or incurred certain otherwise deductible expenses may not deduct those expenses in the tax year in which they were paid or incurred if, at the end of such tax year, the taxpayer reasonably expects to receive forgiveness of the covered loans, even if the taxpayer has not submitted an application for forgiveness of the loan by the end of such tax year. Rev. Rul. 2020-27.