It’s Being Replaced With An Attack Dog Consisting Of Scores Of Auditors & Collection Employees

The days of the kinder gentler IRS seem to be coming to and end. IRS SB/SE co-commissioners De Lon Harris and Darren Guillot told attendees at a New York University conference that that the IRS will be hiring thousands of auditors by the end of September 2021, due to the budget increase put forward by President Biden and the House Appropriations Committee.

“We’re going to be ready to go, as soon as that budget hits… to start bringing in what could be double the number of folks that we are looking at bringing in this year, just for exam alone.” They noted that they plan to hire 1300 field revenue officers, 400 tax compliance officers who will be available for “in person audits” (formerly called “office audits”), and 518 automated collection (ACS) phone representatives, according to IRS SB/SE co-commissioners De Lon Harris and Darren Guillot.

The Criminal Division, according to James Lee, commissioner of Criminal Investigations, said that his division will add more than 500 people this year, with about half of those being special agents.

All in all it looks like the IRS is taking aim at taxpayers to increase revenue as everyone at the service knows that increasing tax rates will have an impact on compliance and collections. Now is not the time to give up your tax professional as not only are the tax laws becoming more complex that ever, it also appears that the IRS is setting their sights on being able to squeezing tax payers with more auditors, collections officers and criminal investigators.