Congress is funding an additional 87,000 IRS agents.

These new agents will need to cut their teeth on simple cases, where for the most part taxpayers are not big enough or rich enough to fight back. This means those receiving tax credits, operating small businesses, and a lot of gig economy workers should expect to get to know some of these new IRS employees very well.

Let’s face it the super-rich and big corporations have enough tax accountants and tax attorneys to keep these new IRS employees away. If you were the IRS, would you have new employees without the expertise and experience start with those who have the resources and the experience to have them chasing their tails? Or would you send them after the low hanging fruit?

Many lower income taxpayers and small businesses may just feel it’s cheaper to pay the additional tax assessed than it is to hire the professionals they need to fight the IRS (and these new employees) even if they did not do anything wrong.

Doing your own taxes? You may want to rethink this so that if (and when) the time comes you have a tax professional on your side.