At RMS Accounting all work is performed by firm employees, housed in our Fort Lauderdale offices and supervised by our firm principals.

Why are we telling you this? In an effort to cut costs and expand capacity, many other firms, large and small, outsource things like bookkeeping, payroll and tax preparation to offshore subcontractors in countries like India and Pakistan.

What this means is you might have no idea who has access to your information and/or what they do with that information. They have to provide access to your information so these subcontractors can do their work. While these subcontractors may promise confidentiality they are not governed or answerable to U.S. law.

At RMS Accounting we take the security of your information seriously, which is why all work is performed by our employees in our office under the direct supervision of our Supervisors and Principals.

We are proud to be an American Firm with American employees, many of which have been with us over 15 years.