RMS Accounting has a program that allows companies with expatriate staff to provide tax planning and preparation services to its staff anywhere in the world.This program allows companies with a small number of expatriate staff or large companies wishing to reduce expatriate support costs, to control costs with fixed fee monthly service agreements.

Our service covers the designated employees and your payroll department. At RMS Accounting we are a third party payroll processor as well as tax advisors. Our service is often cheaper than your payroll reference service. Visit our payroll services page for more information.This is a good program to outsource asnd get guaranteed service and control.

Now your company can afford to provide this important fringe benefit to all staff. This is a great way to help reduce the stress of expatriate employment and increase contract renewals. Our service covers the year of departure and return to the United States, when included in the corporation plan options.

When your company engages RMS Accounting we provide covered staff with confidential tax planning and tax preparation. This service includes audits of tax returns and assistance with financial planning.