RMS Accounting willbe continuously focused onyour staff. Staffwill have a personal tax advisor, on call, with one objective, keeping staff income tax liability as low as legally possible! That is what expat employment is all about.

Complete Business Services will take a proactive approach to your staff and company income tax situation. We carefully monitor all changes in the law.

We will make a point of learning about your business, investment activities, and personal or corporate objectives.

Your staff and your payroll department never have to worry about the fear that the “meter is running”. The monthly fee covers the cost of all of our services

No long distance phone bbills to worry about. The cost of telephone, fax, Email and delivery is part of the monthly fee. No overhead, staff, space, reference material or legal liability.
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Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Contracting with the big accounting firms is not always the best choice.nd you can cancel with thirty days notice.