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Information for Individuals: 

2023 Year End Tax Planning Guide Individuals
2022 Credit for Electric Vehicles
2022 Getting Ready
2022 Tax Organizer
2021 Advance Child Tax Credit Payment
2021 Year End Tax Planning Guide
65 and Everybody Wants My Money
Alien Resident & Nonresident Alien’s
Buying vs. Leasing a Car
Estate Planning Primer
Gifts and Tax Consequences
Hiring a Domestic/Nanny
Homestead Exempt Short-Term Rental
Hope & LifetimeLearning
IRS Audits What Are the Chances
IRS Letter What Do I Do
LumpSum Distribution
Mortgage Types
Withdrawal from A Retirement Account
Non-Cash Donations
Qualifying for a Mortgage
Sale of Residence
Steps When Leaving a Company
Steps When a Loved One Dies
Social Security – An Overview
Tax Tips
When Getting Divorced
When Getting Married
UGMA-Saving in a Child’s Name
Will Your Tax Return be Audited?
IRS Audit Reconsideration
Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR)
The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FACTA)
Retirement Tax Strategies
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Information for Businesses:

2023 Business Standard Mileage Rate
2023 Year End Tax Planning Guide for Business
2023 Minimum Wage by State
Back To Basics Taxes For Business 
Business Audits- Instructions & Steps
Auto Use Rules/ Record keeping
Business Travel, Meals and Entertainment
Business Travel Per Diem Rates: 2022-2023
Bookkeeping/Accounting Issues
Bookkeeping Recommendations
Business Entity Choices
BusinessLoans – Qualifying
Calendarof Business Filing Dates
FamilyMembers on Payroll
FringeBenefit Write-Offs
HobbyLosses vs. Business Losses
IncorporationBasics, S vs. C
InsuranceTypes & Requirements
KeepingTax Records
Commercial Lease Agreement
Loan Agreement
Officein Home Issues
Payroll Issue Basics
Retirement Plan Options
Shareholder/ Partnership Agreement
Startup Issues for New Business
Subcontractorvs. Employee
Taking Money Out of a Corporation
Tax Tips For Business
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act