Full Service Bookkeeping includes:

Preparation and mailing of invoices to your customers for services you perform or products you sell. We can retrieve this information from POS or other systems you use for sales. We will enter all invoices to the accounting system for your business. We will also post all payments received from your customers to their accounts and provide you with a weekly accounts receivable report.

We will follow up on unpaid accounts, sending statements and past due notices as required. Interest will be added automatically to all past due accounts.

We handle calls from customers that need information on their balances and or copies of their statements or invoices.

We will enter approved invoices to your accounts payable for payment and prepare checks for your signature for items due. All checks will include the vendors name, address and invoices being paid. We will image all original bills and invoices and make them available to you through our secure internet portal.

Vendors with questions about payments can simply be referred to your bookkeeping team and our toll-free number.

We will reconcile all bank and credit card accounts each month and prepare monthly financial statements including, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, Bank Reconciliations and detailed general ledger. Month end reports will be available on our secure internet portal and can also be sent to you on paper or by email if you so choose.

We will prepare your sales tax returns and file them for you electronically.

Your account will be handled by a team of two bookkeepers and a bookkeeping supervisor. Your team will be supervised by one of our accountants. You can access your team any time Monday through Friday between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM ET simply by call (800) 382-1040. You can also access your team by email.

All your records will be maintained on our secure internet portal and can be accessed 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You can also access your records by calling your bookkeeping team during office hours and asking them to fax or email documents to you. Your team is available to answer questions and assist you with any bookkeeping and accounting functions. You may also access your team’s accountant supervisor and they will be happy to assist you with any tax or other accounting matters.

We become your Full Service Accounting department. Ready to answer questions from customers, vendors and provide you with timely accurate information. In most cases for less than the cost of a part time bookkeeper.

You never have to worry about a bookkeeper calling in sick, quitting, taking up office space, needing time off or requiring training again. Best of all we don’t get paid by the hour we get paid a flat rate plus a transaction fee that means it’s out problem to get it right. Never again will you be asked for overtime or more people to get the job done.

We can provide you on line access to our accounting system and the ability review invoices and print reports if you so desire.