RMS Business


We provide extensive consulting to every accounting client. Detailed management notes are provided in addition to a comprehensive Financial Statement package.


Our bookkeeping help goes far beyond just balancing the books. Our Bookkeeping outsourcing, saves you time and money, while reducing stress levels.


RMS Accounting has a program that allows companies with expatriate staff to provide tax planning and preparation services to its staff anywhere in the world.


In addition to getting your corporate tax preparation right and completed the first time, our tax professional will also assist you with tax planning to help you reduce next year’s business taxes as well.


At Royale Management Services, we offer support for two of the top business software programs available.


When running a business, it makes sense to outsource tasks that can be handled best by others, save you money or allow you to be more productive. Payroll is one of the classic tasks that generally meets all of these criteria.

Credit Card Services

RMS Accounting supports Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Gift and Loyalty card, and Check processing. In addition will gladly support EBT card programs as well as a complete national debit card program.


Originally, we focused on tax preparation for small to medium business, but today we do accounting outsourcing for everyone, from personal to large corporations.

RMS Personal


The RMS Accounting Interview is the most thorough you have ever experienced. We provide more than 100 propriety worksheets, designed to discover every imaginable tax-related personal and occupational tax-saving opportunities.

Will U Be Audited?

Few things are more unnerving than having your tax return selected for an IRS audit. The IRS uses that “audit anxiety” to help keep taxpayers honest. Audit anxiety is an important part of our voluntary compliance system. What determines whose returns will be picked for audit?

Certifying Acceptance Agents

As Certifying Acceptance Agents, we assist foreign persons who do not qualify for a Social Security Number but who still need a Taxpayer Identification Number to file a U.S. tax form. We can verify on behalf of the IRS the documents which provide proof of identity and assist with the application process.

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